With a combined 40 years of Ethiopian and American law experience we are  a team of experts in Ethiopian Power of  Attorney or Wikila processing and steps . These are some of the areas we cover

. Wikilina Preparation (type it in Amharic)

. Notary Public (Only CA residences and we will help to locate a qualified notary public in your state)

. Document Authentication and Apostle. We will walk you trough all the required steps  your  document  to be fully legalized  which will be acceptable by the Ethiopian governmental, public and private entities.

. Translation Service : Our translation service is highly recommended by several satisfied customers and our work has been accepted by both Ethiopian and American governmental, public and private entities. We have both sworn and certified in-house translators

. Document Delivery:  Do you need send an urgent document to Ethiopia? Now we are DHL’s authorized drop- off location. This will help us to deliver your mail to Ethiopia in short period of time.

Also we have extensive experience working with:

  • The Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC,
  • The Ethiopian General consulate in Los Angeles
  • State California Secretary of State Sacramento
  • State of California Secretary of State Los Angeles
  • US Department of State

Attention: If you live out side State of California,  your document has to be notarized by  a notary public in your state and it has to be authenticated by the Secretary of State to the state you live prior to sending the document to Department of State.